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IMPULS is a polish company that commercializes innovative products for the health-care industry. Since 20 years it produces and provides preparations and devices for disinfection. IMPULS also carries out research-based activity, searching for innovative solutions in sterilization, disinfection and biotechnology. To ensure high quality production, IMPULS has implemented Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008. The company has modernly equipped production halls of chemical products and peroxide active substances and electromechanical appliances production department. All researches are carried out by highly-qualified doctors and engineers in chemical and microbiological laboratories.

Relevant experience in relation to the project

IMPULS produces biomedical products that are intended for hygiene maintenance in food-processing plants and medical centers. Thanks to long-term experience, IMPULS is extending its offer of specialized medical equipment, such as: capillary dialyzers regeneration system, extensive curing and rehabilitation system for people with diabetic foot syndrome. Presently there   are researches over: innovative sterilization technologies using gaseous hydrogen peroxide and over nanophyto-preparations. IMPULS has previous experience in European Projects as partner of the FP7 EU project named MYCOHUNT related to the development of biosensors for the detection of dycotoxin in wheat  (

Contributions to the AnastomoSEAL Project

IMPULS will contribute to the project in the following ways:

  • Sterilization procedures on patches
  • Exploitation studies on both European and Russian markets
  • Industrial process technology and risk analysis aspects
  • IPR evaluation

IMPULS Staff Members Involved in AnastomoSEAL

Dr Eng. Anna Szelest-Lewandowska is head of the Laboratory Research-Development. She graduated Chemical Department of Technical University of Gdańsk, where she took one's doctor's degree. Dr. Szelest-Lewandowska is a specialist of Chemistry Technology and has more than 7 years experience in chemistry and plastic technology and chemical systems of environmental  protection.

MA Eng. Sabina Urbańska-Gołąb has 3 year experience in microbiology in I.E. IMPULS. She graduated at the Chemical Department of Technical University of Gdańsk and she is a specialist of  molecular and pharmaceutical biotechnology.


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