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Sigea is an R&D company dedicated to the development of: i) biocompatible polysaccharide derivatives; ii) ruthenium complexes with antimetastatic properties. The company was founded in 1996 and is part of AQTech group since 2008. It employs a staff of 8 specialised chemists and engineers. Sigea is dedicated to develop chemically-modified polysaccharides to tailor their physicochemical and biological properties according to the desired applications and to bring to market new biomaterials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetical and medical devices. The proprietary technology is mainly focused toward new and innovative chemical processes taking into account non-depolymerising, mild conditions with low environmental impact. This research activity brought to the presentation of 8 patents in the field of polysaccharides and 5 patents in the field of ruthenium complexes.

Relevant experience in relation to the project

During 15 years of activity Sigea has developed a deep experience mainly in the chemistry of hyaluronic acid (HA) and its derivatives; in particular HA was grafted with many non-drug, biological active molecules such as vitamins or endogenous molecules like butyric acid. Their performances have been tested mainly on skin to point out the synergy between the HA functionality and the specific activity of the grafted molecules.

Contributions to the AnastomoSEAL Project

SIGEA will contribute in the AnastomoSEAL project performing spectroscopic and rheological characterizations; providing all the chemical background for the polymer derivatizations; performing IPR evaluation.

Sigea Staff Members Involved in AnastomoSEAL

Marco Bosco (MSc in Chemistry) is head of the research unit managing 3 researchers; he has more than 20 years experience in polysaccharide chemistry and NMR structural analysis.

Luca Stucchi (MSc in Chemistry) is responsible for the development of the leading products of Sigea; he is involved in all the aspects related to industrialization and regulatory needs.

Relevant prior art (Patents)

EP19970953702(EPO941253B1). 28-5-2003. “New Butyric Esters With Antiproliferative Activity And The Pharmaceutical Compositions Containing Them”

EP2008/009801. 6-4-2009. “Mixed Butyric-Formic Esters Of Acid Polysaccharides, And Their Preparation And Use As Skin Cosmetics”


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