The AnastomoSEAL project is focused on responding to the widespread clinical need of preventing AL after CRC resection.

The objective of this project is the development of an engineered bioresorbable biomaterial capable of promoting a safe anastomosis during the critical period of tissue healing without causing adverse reactions.

We propose to design a biomaterial in form of a patch inserted by the surgeon after the anastomotic procedure (manually or by the use of a catheter) which wraps around the sutured tissue to promote the physiological process of tissue regeneration, to seal the external part of the intestine and increase early mechanical stability, thereby preventing anastomotic leakage (Fig. 1).

The biomaterial will be designed to adhere to the intestinal serosa and remain in situ for the 2 weeks needed to achieve the cicatrisation and remodelling of the anastomosis. If successful, this project will lead to the realization of a resorbable medical device specifically designed to aid healing and sealing of any colon-rectal anastomoses.

At present, no specific materials designed for this clinical use are available on the market.

Figure 1  A) Colorectal cancer resection; B) Anastomosis; C) Sealing of the anastomosis with a biomaterial patch


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